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Digi Choice Marketing has been involved in direct marketing since 1998. We specialise in online marketing for PC, Tablet and mobile.  Our 17+ years of  experience in the direct marketing field has taught us how to tailor make our product to be current, relevant and meet the expectations of the consumer. We have a number of services available to our clients:


Online Magazines,  Online Prospectus, Electronic Newsletters and Online Catalogues.


Our National Title: Digi Choice Connection


This title was birthed from a combination of our 3 previous titles:

 "Digi Choice Home" , "Digi Choice Food Connection" and “Digi Choice Health and Lifestyle"


Our digital magazines offer our clients the "push" and "pull" aspects of advertising that most online advertising campaigns cannot offer. With having a subscriber base of over 500 000, we are able to send the magazines via email directly to the reader and being online we are then able to push readers through to  our advertiser’s websites and social media platforms.


The traditional way of advertising has become redundant and the shift to corner the online consumer is paramount. Online advertising via the use of digital magazines is an extremely effective way to showcase your business to the consumer. It is also a very useful tool to drive traffic to your own website, thereby assisting with the optimization process (SEO).


To view all our other services from Emags, Electronic Brochures, Electronic Catalogues, Electronic Prospectus and Newsletters, take a look through our website.


Drop us a line on . We would love to hear from you.

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